Battle of Kent 6

18th October 2009

Kicks fighters had a successful day at this well run Light Continuous Competition put on by Promoter Colin Payne and sanctioned by the BLCC. Well done to all the fighters who put in 100% effort and were able to be back in Brighton by 4pm thanks to the smooth running of the day.

Kicks Fighters and Results


Craig Greenslade ( Kicks London) vs Piotr Lasota (Leicester PKA)

Ibrahaim Hedari (Kicks Brighton) v Jack McLean (Fight Factory)

George Kenly (Kicks Brighton) v Luke Browning (Falcons)

Robert Kenly (Kicks Brighton) v Tyler Oxford (TKO Medway)

Carly Kingscote (Kicks Hove) v Lorraine Ashby (HKA)

Amelia Shepherd (Kicks Hove) v Lorraine Ashby (HKA)

Laura Woods (Kicks Hove) v Paula Goddard (TKO Ashford)


George Kenly (Kicks Brighton) v James Green (Falcon)

Odile Rappaport (Kicks Hove) v Amy Wragg (Falcons Thanet)

Simon Sutherland (Kicks Brighton) v Kevin Harvey Austin (Unique)


Emma Barr (Kicks Brighton) v Jenna Yates (TKO Ashford)

Carlie Robertson (Kicks Hove) v Debby Martin (HKA)

Tim Faulkner (Kicks Brighton) v Chris Catermole (TKO Maid)

Emily Miller (Kicks Brighton) v Ami Campbell (HKA)

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