Oceana Nightclub

Sunday 25th October 2009

This well run and efficient show was put on by Yogi Parekh of Black Widow Martial Arts Academy, with attendance by Paul Hennessey, and Mike Fowles of the ISKA doing an excellent job as referee. Kicks Fighter Charlotte Kernan travelled to Birmingham to face local girl Kay Magee from Black Widows Martial Arts Academy over 3 x 2 minute rounds. This was an excellent and exciting fight to watch. Both girls strong, fit and skilful.

A strong offensive first round from Kay saw Charlotte getting pushed back and being on the receiving end of strong kicks and punchs. In the second round Charlotte came back into the fight and had a strong round catching Kay with her left and using her kicks to the body at closer range. Charlotte effectiveness in the clinch and her knees was not seen to its best as her opponent worked on turning and leg blocking. A strong and exciting third round from both girls who, though both tired, gave it their all. A unanimous decision to Kay Magee.

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