Full Contact Brittania Kickboxing

Full Contact Brittania Kickboxing





Kicks Fighters: Lucasz Gromadinski, Ibrahaim Heidari, Sarwar Hamid and Simon Sutherland attended this well run and well matched event put on by Brittania Kickboxing Club.

Kicks first fighter was Ibrahaim Heidari against Adam Martin (Brittania) over 3 x 2 Minute Rounds. Ibrahaim won on a unanimous decision against a worthy opponent.  Ibrahaim made good use of his legs and stamped in the trademark Kicks Sidekick on occasion. He tucked in well when Adam Martin went to work with fast hands and was more considered in his ring movement.  A good third bout for Ibrahaim and another win under his belt, but definitely a fight that would make a good rematch.

Sarwar Hamid was next on in a demonstration bout against Wayne Golding (Gatwick Kickboxing) over 3 x 1.5 Minute Rounds. This was a skilled demonstration from two experienced fighters, and the crowd enjoyed the variety of techniques being thrown by the two fighters.

Next up was Kicks Simon Sutherland in his debut full contact bout against Roman Diaz (Guramu Thai) over 3 x 2 Rounds.  Simon moved well, kept a tight defence and showed his ring craft, but his opponent’s work rate was higher, and Simon received a count from a powerful body kick towards the end of the second round. The third round saw Simon start aggressively and he attacked Roman in the corner with a strong combination of punches to the body and head,  but his opponent covered up, and then launched his counter attack as the round progressed. A unanimous decision to Roman but a good first fight and performance from Simon.
Last on was Lucasz against Ed Kelly (Ninja Freestyle) over 3 x 2 Rounds. We knew Ed Kelly would be well schooled with trainer Winston Newton, and so though Lucasz lost the bout he showed his increasing skills and defence. He covered up well if in trouble, got through with his own attacks and was not phased against this very tricky fighter who knew just how to make the fight awkward and how to hold and spoil his opponent’s ability to work.  An exciting bout to watch, with the decision going to Ed Kelly.

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