Junior Karate Spring KMAC Competition

Junior Karate Spring KMAC Competition

Saturday, March 20th 2010

Kicks Competitors had an enjoyable afternoon at Wagner Hall, Lewes Road, Brighton competing in three sections of Kata, Kumite and Slam Man with Weapons.  Please visit the Gallery for photographs from this event.  Results were as follows:

(9TH KYU TO 7TH KYU)1ST: L. Wilson

2ND: R. Bunce

3RD: D. Foat

E. Seedance

D. Hoser

(9TH – 5TH KYU)1ST: R. Dunne

2ND: P. Rist – Woolven

3RD: D. Hoser

1ST: O. Ricca McCarthy2ND: F. Carr Hopkins3RD: J. Brown & J.H. Spence
(6TH KYU TO 1ST KYU)1ST: J. Brown

2ND: C. Hillman

3RD: R. Mohammed

O. Ricca McCarthy

(4TH KYU & ABOVE)1ST: J. Spence

2ND: J. Hobden

3RD: C. Ratcliffe

O. Ricca- McCarthy

(BLACK BELTS)1ST: C. Humphrey

2ND: J. Spence

3RD: C. Humphrey

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