Battle of Kent 8

Light Continuous Kickboxing Event

Sunday 4th July 2010
Kicks had an enjoyable day at this regular Light Continuous Kickboxing Event put on by TKO Promotions at 44 Two Sports Club, Orpington, Kent.

The day ran smoothly with two rings in operation and over 70 fights.  All competitors were on their journey home by three pm.

Jamie Brown v Harry Kingsland (Star)
Tomas Kovaricek  v Tal Veksler (DFC)
Daniel Knight  v Mark Derry (TKO Medway)
Spencer Rodaway  v Joe Clark (star)


Luis Camara v Lindon Aslett (HKA)
Joby Michael v J. Andrews (Colchester)
Isabella Schultz v Natasha Petriclerc (TKO Maid)

Tony Decaux  v Aaron Griffin (TKO Medway)
George Kenly v Brandon Cook (Pegasus)
Robert Kenly v Jay Lemarec (TKO Medway)
Odile Rappaport  v Amy Catherall (Edge )

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