KICKS attended the 10th Battle of Kent BLCC Light Continuous Show on Sunday 13th March 2011.  With two rings in action and over 90 fights throughout the day it was a busy day for Kicks who had 21 competitors in action. We came away with a mixture of wins, draws and losses.

Jamie Brown (KICKS) v Harley Breslin Ward (Fight Factory)
Amelia Shepherd (KICKS Hove) v Lisa Duffy (TS Kick)
Chris Friis (Sussex University Kicks Club) v Mark Derry (TKO medway)
Paul Fuller (Sussex University Kicks Club) v Gavin Bloomfield (HKA)
Vijay Arora (Sussex University Kicks Club) v J. Stone (TKO)

George Kenly (KICKS) v Louis Elms (Leicester PKA)
Zoe Smith (KICKS Hove) v Alison Williams (TKO Maidstone)
Lauterbach Volver (Sussex University Kicks Club) v Matt Bull (TKO Medway)
Alex Pardoe (KICKS) v Tomasz Guskiewicz (TKO Maidstone)

Robert Kenly (KICKS) v Bradley Wray (TKO Medway)
Nadege Presneau (KICKS Londond) v Linda Barr (Walton)
Nicola Bedwell (KICKS) v K. Perks (Kent Uni)
Laura Henderson (KICKS Hove) v Raja London (HKA)
Odile Henderson (KICKS Hove) v Lisa Duffy (TS Kick)
Simon Sutherland (KICKS) v Mike Cattermole (TKO Maidstone)
Tomas Kovaricek (KICKS) v Clint Townsend (TKO Ashford)
Mostafa Elmi (Sussex University Kicks Club) v Waris Nazari (TKO Maidstone)
Ty Cracker (KICKS) v Tony Batters (Dragon)

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