Battle of Kent 11

Kicks had a successful and enjoyable day on July 3rd at the Battle of Kent Light Continuous Show. The event as always was efficient and well run, and all of our 16 fighters were driving off with their trophies by 3pm.

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The number of Kicks Fighters in action meant Instructors Jim Caldecourt; Tiffany Williams; and Shane Kent were kept busy. There were two rings in operation, and at points fighters were on in both rings.  All of our fighters fought well and showed a great team spirit and support for each other.

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Our strong growing Junior Kicks Team consisting of Robert Kenly(14) and George Kenly(11); Jamie Brown (9); Ellis South(13); Josh Garwood(15); and Liam Mantell(11) all produced superb results and came away with 6 wins.  Robert, George and Jamie are now in double figures with their fights. They are a great example for our other Juniors Fighters, and their Kicks Class Mates as they always show true sportsmanship and strength in the ring, as well as giving it 100%.

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Sussex University Kicks Kickboxing Club

Mark Mantell(37) and Liam Mantell(11) were both having their debut bouts so when Liam fought first and won, the pressure was on for Dad Mark but he also displayed the same control and accuracy, and won his bout too.


Jamie Brown (KICKS) v Tommy Purdy (BFK)
Ty Cracker (KICKS) v Roberto Ditellia (FIMA)
Josh Garwood (KICKS) v Artur Podlosin (FIMA)
George Kenly (KICKS) v Leighton O’Grady (Versatile)
Robert Kenly (KICKS) v Stefan Rajah (TKO)
Liam Mantell (KICKS) v Marcial Malik (HKA)
Mark Mantell (KICKS) v Gavin Rabbitt (FIMA)
Odile Rappaport (KICKS) v Raja Choug (HKA)
Amelia Shepherd (KICKS) v Jo Baldock (HKA)
Ellis South (KICKS) v Ewan Speer (HKA)

Vijay Arora (KICKS) v Ross Westell (Falcon KB)
Mostafa Elmi (KICKS) v Tyler Hughes (HKA)
Tomas Kovaricek (KICKS) v Ben Davis (FIMA)
Lauterbach Volver (KICKS) v Louis Holt (Versatile)
Lauterback Volver (KICKS) v Lewis Kitson (Walton)

Natalie Gowing (KICKS) v Lauren Smith (Falcons)
Simon Sutherland (KICKS) v Simon Spicer (TKO Medway)

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