Kicks Fighters had an enjoyable day at the Nak Championships on Sunday January 29th at Grand Master Blackwell’s Academy, Ipswich. All of our fighters put 100% into the day. We came away with several finalists and champions.
Special recognition was given to Robert and George Kenly who had to fight each other. The two brothers put on a very skilled and exceptionally controlled display of Kickboxing.
Though some divisions were full, other divisions were uncontended. This was the case for Vijay Arora (Sussex Uni Club) who was the only Under 55Kg Male, and also for George Kenly as the only under 50Kg Low Kick Male Fighter.

Nak Light Continuous Champions 2012
Robert Kenly Under 50kg
Chris Friis Under 65kg
James Caldeourt & Lucasz Gromadzinski Under 75kg

(1) J. Brown v B. Holding (Kendojo)
(1)J. Caldecourt v J. Elsom (MBA)
(2)J. Caldecourt v S. Roberts (Oxford).
(1) C. Friis v J.Skilton (Phoenix)
(1)L. Gromadzinski  v J.Osborne (Oxford)
(2)L. Gromadzinski v S.Carter (D. Summers).
(1)R. Kenly (Kicks) v G. Kenly (Kicks)
(1) O. Rapoport v C. Dunne (Colchester Knights)
(1) A. Shepherd v N. Watson (Colchester Knights)

(2) J. Brown v M. Roach (Phoenix & 2012 NAK Champion)
(2) O. Rapoport v J. Lindstrom (Phoenix & 2012 NAK Champion)
(2) A. Shepherd v Z.Hood (Phoenix)
(1) N. Steadman v M. Robinson (IKA)

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