Gym Xtreme Full Contact Show

Gym Xtreme Full Contact Show

Saturday 16th June 2012

This show was promoted by Nick Brewer(Gym Xtreme) and sanctioned by WKMA.  Held at the Charmadean Centre it had a great atmosphere; was very well organised and all the fights were well matched.
First up from Kicks was Tony Decaux against Pete Bravery (SCMMA). This was 3 rounds of Boxing. The bout started with Bravery coming out all guns blazing, but Tony straight away caught him with a right hand over the top. His opponent instantly came back with a combination of punches trying to back Tony up in the opposite corner. Tony kept a tight guard and absorbed a lot of the punches on his arms. He had twisted out of the corner when his opponent launched a big shot which dislocated his shoulder. Unable to continue so early on in the fight the bout was halted, and declared a non decision .  A disappointment for both fighters to have the fight finished so early and on that note.

Fight 13 was James Caldecourt against Jordon Khon (Knocks Gym). This fight had a big build up as both young men are local, and both had a big following. Click here to see this fight on YouTube
Round 1
This started fast. Neither James or Jordon were looking to work into this three round fight; and Jordon was out with a spinning kick which was retaliated by James with a strong lead leg round kick, two straights, and a second right which caught his opponent flush on the chin. Jordan took this well and the round continued with both fighters equally active.
Round 2
Jordan came straight at James with strong sidekicks. James had trained knowing Jordan was going to be a fluid kicker, and responded with  powerful punch combinations hitting Jordon cleanly with another good right hand. Both fighters were fluid in their Kicks throughout the round until an axe kick thrown by Jordon which caught James’s shoulder saw Jordon knocked to the floor with a textbook right by James, and Jordon receiving an 8 count. The conditioning of Jordon was seen in how well he came back from this, but James continued to power in and caught him with strong upper cuts before the bell went.
Round 3

James started this round very strongly. Jordan was trying to wear James down with his kicks but James continued to push forward and work. A third very exciting round for the crowd and corners, and a tribute to the fitness and determination of both these fighters.  The bell went with a unanimous well deserved win to James Caldecourt, and the possibility of a rematch in the future.

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