A small group of Kicks Fighters were at Colin Payne’s Light Continuous Kickboxing Show in Chatham, Kent.
With 80 Fights going on over two rings the sports centre was busy, and it was good as always to hook with outside trainers and friends.
We only had two seniors. Our Three Juniors who seem out on mats, or in the ring every week-end were also back in action.  They all fought superbly, and it was really nice to get other clubs coming up and commenting; not only on their ring craft and their skill, but also their respect within the ring.

Robert Kenly v Rossi Reid (CKA)
This was a re-match, and Robert was keen to set the record straight. It must be said both boys are great to watch in the ring.
“Lightening” lived up to his fight name with precision punching and kicking throughout, and a beautifully executed spinning side kick at the end of the third. No doubt they will meet again.
George Kenly v Javelle Holmes (PMA)
The Hammer is getting sharper and trickier with each bout. Lovely display of skills and ring craft, George combined his effective body kicks with sharp hands and good work in close.
Jamie Brown v Lewis Wright (Sport MA).
No one would have known Jamie was poorly as he hit and moved, and slipped out of range around the ring. Jamie used his legs to great advantage in the first two rounds and then switched to working sharp and more hands in the third. Fair Decision and another excellent bout from “The Monk”.
Daniel Knight v Lewis Kitson (Walton)
Dan Knight was up against a fighter from Walton, and Kicks and Walton go back a long way.  This fight was more of the continuous nature, and less of the “light.” Dan’s right eye post fight needed a bit of “ironing” out, but all good experience, and Dan keen to get back in the ring.
Lucy Newman v Dawn Keeble (Mamba)
. It was Lucy’s first fight and despite internal nerves she looked confident and calm in the ring, and though losing to a busier opponent, scored with some good shots and kicks.

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