Battle of Kent 18

Sunday 13th October 2013

7 Fighters from Kicks Brighton and Eastbourne went to Kent for another very smoothly run and well organised event by Colin Payne and his TKO Team.

Two of the Kicks fighters were on for the first time and both enjoyed the experience. Brightonian Adam Stubbs(15) had his first fight and first win today. Adam always puts 100% in training along with our other Junior Fighters, and so we were delighted with his ringcraft and composure on this first fight. Josh Warden (EB) was also in the ring for the first time against Sean Knight (Fearless). This was a non decision bout which was good experience for both these young men.

From Novice to the very experienced: Jamie Brown(12) had a tough fight against Aidan Thompson (TKO). Jamie didn’t win, but as always he fought to his best; and no doubt further down the line when he’s a bit bigger and heavier will be looking for a rematch.


Adam Stubbs v Peta Sivak (TKO)

Chris Vella v Sam Squires (Fighting Tigers)

Martyn Beckley v Clive Rogers (1st Strike)

Non Decision Bout

Josh Warden v Sean Knight (Fearless)


Rob Kenly v Daniel Brothshed (Falcons)

Dave Chamberlain v Adam Chackfield (HKA)

Jamie Brown v Aidan Thompson (TKO)

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