Seaford Invitational Karate Championships

Seaford Invitational Karate Championships

Sunday 7th June 2009 – Seaford

On Sunday 7th June, Kicks Competitors; Danielle Boniface, Bonnie Burdett, Simon Hearnden, Haydn Kenly and Aaron Pooley

were 5 of the 140 competitors who all competed at Seaford’s Karate Club Championships.

Though all five enjoyed the competition and the experience, the only competitor who was placed was Simon Hearndon in the Male Senior Kata Category.

In the first round Simon scored second place. In the second round Simon was given the highest points for his kata, thus securing for himself

a Silver Medal in the Male Senior Kata Category. Congratulations to Simon.

Thanks to Aaron Pooley who was attending to help coach those in the Kumite Section,

but made a last minute entry so that Simon and Haydn could enter the Male Senior Kumite Team,

and a special mention to Danielle who showed a true fighting spirit when despite having a high temperature

still competed in both the kata and kumite section for her age group.

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