Sunday 4th September 2016

Sunday 4th September saw a busy day for Kicks as we had Kicks Fighter Jamie Brown (15 yrs) in action at the WKU Midlands Open Championships in the 13 – 17 Year Olds (Under 65kgs) Division. Jamie Brown won a tough fight in the Semi Final (3 x 1.5 Min) against the highly esteemed K Star Gym run by Damien Trainor. He lost in the final to an older opponent trained out of the excellent Beastmasters Gym (Keith “Pele” Nathan). Jamie will next be fighting at MAASIF English Open in Kent on 18th September.


In Rochester, Kent, Kicks Sam Campbell with Instructor Shane Kent and Tiffany Williams was in action in his Second Full Contact K1 Fight at the IKF Sanctioned Show “TOTAL COMBAT.” This Fight at 40Kgs over 3 x 1.5 Minute Rounds was against home town boy Bradley Fowle (TKO Elite). The fight was action packed with Sam Campbell showing good ringcraft and sharp evasive skills, as well as being very grounded and strong with his punches, kicks and knees when he did trade with his game opponent who certainly took the fight to him. A unanimous and well earnt points win to Sam Campbell.