HKA FIGHT NIGHT 7 – 08/10/2016

This show was sanctioned by ICO and Promoted by Carl Denne and HKA.
An excellent evening of Boxing, Kickboxing, and K1 Fights with well matched fights and title bouts. Very friendly crowd and atmosphere, and the Hastings Centre is a great venue.

Kicks Tanith Colburn was fighting Michelle Biggs (Gym Xtreme) over 3 x 2 Minute Rounds of Full Contact Kickboxing. This fight was a war. Both women are known for being strong, and Michelle Biggs now with a new coach was not looking to take a backward step. Tanith had been told to use her movement rather than staying in and trading, and to keep a tight guard when working close range and her trademark kicks at longer range. A close fought and very exciting fight, with Michelle Biggs the winner on a majority decision.