Storm Kickboxing Show 26/11/2016

NOV 26TH 2016

This was a very professional set up with two rings in action, the show being filmed, and all the spectators watching from the tiered seats above.

First up with Junior Joe Woollard. Joe fought to the best of his ability, against a very sharp, strong and technical opponent. A well earnt win to his opponent Adis, but Joe continues to improve with each fight, and will take away much experience from this latest bout in the ring.

Our other Junior Ayesha had two fights. These were both against Pegasus Gym Fighters. Her first fight was a draw. This spurred Ayesha on to work even harder in her second bout of the day, and she deservedly won this bout.

Our Adults Fiona MacNeill, Jozsef Horvath, and Ryan Cowper all did themselves proud in their bouts, listening to their corner and showing a good range of Kicks to Hands and all came away with wins.

Kicks Fighters Joe, Ayesha, Fiona, Natalie, Jozsef and Ryan and Coaches Chris & Tiffany.