Battle of Kent 28 – 12/03/2017

Sunday 12th March 2017
Organised by Colin Payne.

Well done to all our fighters several of them fighting for the first time, and all showing great heart and skill – Manuel Baltieri, Jack Bree, Eloise Mac, Lexi Rook, and Finn Warner.

To our fighters win or lose you all gave it your all, supported each other, and equally proud of all of you. Those who lost still learnt, and will no doubt be better next time they climb through those ropes; and those who won are buzzing, and pleased to know what worked, as well as what to still work on.

Thank you to all those who came and supported, and everyone staying until the end. I know there were different Kicks Clubs participating (Brighton, Eastbourne, University of Sussex) but we are all part of Kicks, and it meant a lot to me that you did all stay and support other Kicks clubs so THANK YOU.

Thank you to fellow Instructors and coaches Shane Kent, Stitch Sayers, and Chriss Cook.

Always good to catch up with old as well as newer friends on these events. Looking forward to the next one.

EB Jack Bree v John Clarkson (Tko Elite)
BTN Jozsef Horvath v Mark Cole ( Tookon)
EB Martyn Beckley v Harry Smith (FCA)
EB Lexi Rooke v Tilly Turner ( FCA)
EB Rafal Gitel v Stuart Jarrett ( Falcons Thanet)

UNI Manuel Baltieri v Anu Ravishankar ( Dragons)
BTN Charlie Hillier v Anna Cusio ( TSpence)
BTN Fiona Macneill v Leanne Monk ( T Spence)
BTN Eloise Mac v Alice Woodham (FCA)
BTN Joe Woollard v Jacob Stanford ( Falcons Thanet)
EB Fred Warner v Ted Burgess ( Falcons)