BATTLE OF KENT 29 – 01/07/17

This Successful Light Contact and Controlled Contact K1 Show run by Colin Payne of TKO Elite ran as smoothly as ever. 78 Fights over Two Rings, and all the fights were well matched with a friendly atmosphere between all the clubs and their fighters.
Kicks took three fighters. Regan Maher and Max Filleul had their debut fights, and their more experienced fellow fighter Sam Campbell got in valuable ring time prior to his Evening Show K1 fight at The Casino Rooms, Rochester on 3rd September.
All three are great ambassadors for Kicks outside the ring, and today they were all ambassadors inside the ring. It was great to come away with three wins, but even better was knowing that each of these fighters had shown focus, control, ringcraft, and mixed their shots well to get the results they did. Well done Team Kicks.

Sam Campbell v Kobe Dibble (87 Fitness ) K1
Max Filleul v Charlie Farthing (Dragons) K1
Regan Maher v Vanessa Hymett (Pegasus) LC