Storm White Collar Boxing and Light Contact Kickboxing Show

Saturday 16th September saw Kicks Fighters Ayesha Potts and Regan Maher travelling to Aylesbury to fight at the Iconic Waterside Theatre.
Both fighters were on the daytime part of this excellent event put on by Steven Cook and Team Pegasus. The daytime show acts as the precursor to their main evening event. 

This event is a very useful showcase event for up and coming fighters as they have a medical; ringwalk; entrance music;  and though the audience is small the venue itself has a capacity of 2000.

As in previous events what was really helpful was each fight had the Excellent Referee Pete Richardson talking through the fight before giving the decision. 

Strengths and weaknesses are highlighted of both fighters.  Win or loss fighters and coaches can take away things to build on, and areas to improve. Alongside Pete Richardson is one of the most experienced MC and commentators in the fight world Malcolm Martin so was very pleased he saw Regan and Ayesha fight. . 

This was Regan’s second Light Contact fight, and Ayesha’s fourth event. Regan was fighting a game opponent in Taya Penney (Carl Mallinson), and in the first round most fighters moved around a lot but Regan scoring very well with both hands and legs. 
In the second round we told Regan to hold the centre of the ring more, and she then dominanted the round, and picked the girl off catching her with a very strong defensive kick which resulted in recovery time and a count for Taya.  Regan also showed her very quick hands in this rounds, and scored highly on a very sharp combination. The fight was stopped at the end of the second round when due to an unintentional foul the girl’s shin was bruised and she was unable to come out for the third.  
The referee then went through the fight, and explained that as the fight had gone two rounds he would be scoring it. He explained to the audience that he had Regan ahead in the first round, and very clearly ahead in the second with the stoppage, and that as the foul was a misplaced sweep, and he deemed it to be unintentional another win for Regan Slayer Maher.  Well done Regan!
Ayesha was next on, and was straight in the ring bouncing on her toes. Again a very skilful start from Ayesha against Natasha Hughes (Templar Gym).  Ayesha pushing forward, but then also moving off and making techniques miss.  Towards the end of the first round Ayesha caught Natasha (Templar Gym) with a stopping kick followed by a round kick to the body. This again resulted in time to be called, and recovery time given before a count for Natasha. 
Ayesha was asked in order to give the her opponent ring experience to take her foot off the gas and move around lightly. Full credit to Ayesha that she did precisely this as this is a skill in itself, and there are many novice fighters in this position who would not be able to rein all their techniques in especially when their opponent growing in confidence was trying to power through in the third round.  Another well earnt win for Ayesha.   

Outside the ring Ayesha and Regan are such ambassadors for female sport and ringcraft sports. Inside the ring strong determined warriors. Two fighters to watch out for, and support as they move forward in their fight careers.