OCTOBER 15th 2017

Kicks Eastbourne Stitch Sayers, along with Chris Cook and Lauren Chamberlain, took fighters Alicia Chatterton, Barney Flint , Benjamin Hodgkinson and Daniel Smith to this small and friendly daytime Light Contact Show organised by Paul Wiffen Academy and TKO.  All our Kicks fighters were first timers, and this was a great event for them to be part of.   Alicia Chatterton v Tia Turrell (TKO) was a Demo Bout due to the age difference between the girls, and this proved valuable ring experience for Alicia.  Barney Flint v Elison Mayberry also in a Demo Bout. Barney looked comfortable and confident, and definitely ready for a decision bout next time around.

Losses to Benjamin Hodgkinson v Oliver Lockwood; and to Daniel Smith v Tom Briley (TKO) but both showed grit and determination, and both these two will come back better fighters through this valuable ring experience. 

A great learning curve for our Kicks fighters, and a great team day for both the fighters and those who came to support them.