JUNE 16TH 2018

Kicks Coaches Chris Kent & Tiffany Williams along with Kicks Fighters went to this very enjoyable and relaxed interclub put on by our friends Lisa Shelton and Bill Shelton of SFX Gym.  This was a non decision event which allowed our students to get into the ring in a very safe and friendly atmosphere to put their skills to the test.  Thank you to Laura and Jess and Jenna Yates from TKO gym for moving around with Anna Duxbury, Charlie Hillier, Isabelle Kay, Fiona Macneill and Clem Hunisett .  Well done to Helen Anderson who was put in with Mollie from SFX Gym, and had quite a tough battle but kept her composure and control throughout. 

Well done to our Juniors Louis Plummer (14 yrs) and Billie Brown (11 yrs) in their K1 Bouts.  Louis who really took the fight to his bearded opponent of 15 years, and who the referee said was the best bout so far . Billy Brown who winded in the first round came back in the second and third to give a very good account of himself. Gutted for Sam Campbell (14 yrs) who had to retire in the first round due to ligament damage to his foot from what would have been an excellent bout with Addis. .   

Well done to Manuel Baltieri on his skilful Kickboxing Bout, as well as Neil Astbury on his tough but well matched second non decision Thai bout.  Thank you to our supporters and our families who contribute so much.