Very enjoyable Inter-Club at Lumpini Crawley hosted by John Jarvis and Team Lumpini . Instructors Kru Chao, Shane Kent, and Tiffany Williams took Junior Fighters Sam Campbell and Joe Woollard, along with Senior Fighters Ilaria Galetta , Viv Isasvivdoes, Reuben La Pira , Tom E. Buoy , and Matt Vinuesa . 
From total novice to most experienced all worked to a game plan.  All showed skills and ringcraft and all came out of the ring having learnt and enjoyed from their time today. 
Ruben La Pira as a result of attending this has now been offered and agreed to take a fight against Luke Lion from Keddles Gym under C Class Rules at Muay Thai Mayhem at Effingham Park, Crawley on November 3rd .  We look forward to seeing Ruben back in action .