Battle of Kent 34
Another very well run IKF sanctioned event with Colin Payne of TKO Elite.  Boxing has now been added to these days and as a result there were three rings rather than the usual two in operation and it was very busy but everything still ran like clockwork, and to time . 
Our fighters : 
Sam Campbell and Ayesha Potts using this valuable ring time as a chance to work their skills with the pressure of working out in front of a live crowd.  Well done both of you. 
Billy Brown v K Bryztewek ( Scorpions) .
A loss for Billy but a well matched K1 bout with both boys showing variety and skill in their trade offs.
Fiona MacNeill v Laura Grupinska ( Paragon) . A loss for Fiona but again another well matched LC bout with both girls showing ringcraft and skills . A valuable learning bout for Fiona who I felt very proud of. Trained hard for this fight;  got caught by a strong body shot in the second & given time out , but dug deep and went back into the third to give a very good account of herself. 
Kicks Eastbourne fighters (Instructor Stitch  Sayers) gave very impressive counts of themselves in their
Debut Boxing Bouts 
Barney Flint ( Eastbourne) v Clinton Lgboma ( TKO Elite) . Loss for Barney but very close and skilful fight with a much bigger opponent . 
Bede Rowlands ( Eastbourne) v Josh Stone ( Spitfire) . Win for Bede who so outpointed his opponent after two rounds they retired him before the third 🥊. 
On a personal note a very special day for me in being asked by Colin to present Kelly Chubb  of TKO Elite with her 4th Dan. It was great to see Kelly awarded this in front of so many people, and celebrate her achievement and input into the sport over so many years. 
Thank you to those who came up to support the fighters . It is always appreciated.