Kicks Coaches Shane Kent and Tiffany Williams with Junior Fighter Sam Campbell were looking forward to this top top evening event run by promoter Colin Payne of TKO Elite Gym.  Sam was matched with Jack Binns from Assassin’s Gym.  We knew this would be a clean and technical match, and it lived up to expectation. 

For Sam Campbell who has only had three rounds of one minute fight action in over eighteen months on the daytime circuit it was also a return to fighting on an evening show; and with the longer adult round duration of 3 x 2 Minute rounds.

This was a close fight K1 bout with very little to separate the young fighter.   Both fighters worked good exchanges & showed their skill & timing. Both were sharp, and both were able to work at distance as well as close up.  Jack was keeping more to the centre of the ring but Sam likes to work off the back foot and doing this with good effect as he worked around the ring.  

When the bell went it was hard to know which way the judges would score it, and this was reflected in a split decision win for Jack Binns. Well done to Jack Binns; and to both young men in their respectful attitude towards the other both before and after the fight.

Delighted to see Sam Campbell back on the circuit, and showing the talent and potential he has.  This would make a great follow up fight further down the line.