This open championship event on Saturday May 25th 2019 was hosted by Lisa Shelton of SFX Gym in Tilbury Docks. It was Sanctioned by WKO. The event was very well run and well supported. All our Brighton & Eastbourne competitors, (some in for the first time) enjoyed themselves. Results are posted on the Kihapp App. 

Kicks came away with 2 Gold / 4 Silver / 3 Bronze. 

Congratulations to our two Gold Medalists: Junior Female Regan Maher and Senior Male Julian Bertone. Both showed skills and ringcraft in their winning bouts. Congratulations to Instructor Chris Bath who entered to get further experience of K1.  He won his bout in a tough battle but  was then advised by the medical team to not fight on into the final so took his well earnt silver.  Safety and health is always paramount.  Well done also to Ted Warner who took on fights in two categories and showed improvement from one fight to the next. 

Well done to all the fighters. Win or Loss in their bouts everyone gained from their experience in the ring and gave their all.  Looking forward to next year. 

LC Kickboxing Female (12 – 13 Years) (49 – 51kgs)

1st Place Regan Maher (Gold)

(A convincing win for Regan against Charlotte from Star Kickboxing)

LC Kickboxing Male 20 – 23 Years (58.1 – 61Kgs)

1st Place Julian Bertone (Gold)

( A very convincing win for Julian in his first Kickboxing Bout having previously fought in Taekwondo)

LC Kickboxing Male 9 – 10 Years (39 – 43KGs)

3rd Place Ted Warner Eastbourne (Bronze) 


LC Kickboxing Male 13 – 14 Years (44 – 47Kgs)

2nd Place Finn Warner (Silver)


LC Kickboxing Male 13 – 14 Years (47 – 49Kgs)

2nd Place Finn Warner (Silver)


LC Kickboxing Female 14 – 15 Years (48 – 52Kgs)

3rd Place Ayesha Potts (Bronze)

(Tough Fight for Ayesha who lost to the eventual winner of this category but needed a third round to get her work out )


LC Kickboxing Men (75.1 – 78Kgs)

3rd Place Dean Lynch (Bronze)


K1 Rookies Rules Mens (92.1 – 95Kgs)

2nd Place Chris Bath (Silver)

(Good Win to Chris Bath in a tough Semi – Final. Having taken some big shots he made the difficult but wise decision to withdraw from the final #healthandsafetyfirst)

K1 Halo Rules Male (No Headshots 11 – 12yrs ( 50 + Kgs)

2nd Place Billy Brown (Silver)