MuayThai Grandprix 9/10/21 & Battle of Kent 10/10/21

Competition Reports

9th October 2021 – MuayThai Grandprix at O2 Stadium London

Kicks Fighter Jamie Brown with Instructors Shane Kent and Tiffany Williams was back in action at the O2 on Saturday 9th October.  Jamie in his first adult showtime fight was competing under K1 rules at 80Kgs over 3 x 2 Minute Roads in “The Road To MTGP and Prelims”. This sold out prestigious fight event showcases up and and coming fighters in the day. In the evening Top K1 fighters are hosted in the “Road to ONE” and Top Muay Thai Fighters in the “MTGP Main Event”. 

The fight against Elijah Estanislao from the well known Diesel Gym was a good testing ground for Jamie who has not been in the ring for two years. A competitive fight in every round with both fighters wanting to leave their mark. Elijah looking to show ring dominance and pushing forward but Jamie throwing the cleaner and more effective shots. The third round showed more action from both fighters.  Jamie executed the Trademark Kicks spinning side kick seconds before the bell which caught Elijah square and got a big shout from the crowd.  A unanimous and well deserved win to Jamie Brown. 

Jamie Brown victorious in the MTGP ring on 9/10/21
Jamie Brown at the MuayThai Grand Prix

10th October 2021 – Battle of Kent

Kicks Eastbourne first time fighters Liam Ellis and Nick Reed along with Instructor Peter Muffett attended this popular and long standing Light Continuous Event run by Colin Payne of TKO Elite Gym. Both fighters were fighting K1 rules over three one-minute rounds.  

Liam fought a tactical fight against someone from Margate Martial Arts Centre. He dominated in close and at range. Win to Liam.

Nick showed grit and determination as he found himself in a rangy fight against a longer reach and more experienced opponent from Dragons Mixed Martial Arts club. Win to Dragons.