WKO World Championships 6/11/21

Knock then down Billy Brown

Junior K1 Kicks Fighter Billy Brown made the trip up to Barnsley for this Open World Championships with his brother Jamie Brown who also fights and instructs out of Kicks Martial Arts Centre.

Billy Brown was fighting in two categories. His first K1 category was in the 13 – 14yrs (+62.1kgs) where he was straight into the finals against Patrick Conlon (UMA Thaiboxing). Billy started this fight cautiously but warmed up as the fight continued and at just over 1 minute into the round Billy caught his opponent with a clean right hand which saw him knocked to the floor and unable to make the count.

Gold for Billy in the 13/14 Years K1 (+62.1kgs).

Billy was also competing in the K1 category 14 – 15yrs (+65kgs) . His first fight in this category was against Callum Walker (Power House Fight Club).  Billy had a good first round but found it more difficult in the second and third round to close the distance against the experienced and sharp Walker and land the shots he needed to. Walker took the win which took Billy to a third fight against Adam Paszek (Combat Academy) for Bronze.

This was an even bout with both boys scoring and making it hard for the judges to split the fighters. At the end of the third round, it was deemed a draw which meant it went to a fourth round. Knowing it was all in that last minute Billy went to work and used his heavy hard hitting back leg to good effect as well as his jab to set up his back hand.  He used his ringcraft skills to fight both offensively and defensively and at the end of this round when it went to the judges’ scorecards.

Bronze for Billy Brown in the 14/15 Years K1 (+65kgs).

Billy Brown holding his title belt for the WKO World Championships 2021
Billy Brown with title belt