Nam Yang K1 Inter Club 4/12/21

A great opportunity to gain experience and practice skills

Saturday 4th December
Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road, Hove.

On Saturday December 4th 2021, instructors, Jamie Brown, Shane Kent, and Tiffany Williams attended this first Nam Yang K1 event at Hove Methodist Church. This was Kicks first team event in over two years and it was great to be able to bring so many fighters to one show.

Well done to our Brighton Fighters, Dan Hodgkins, Fiona MacNeill, Kieran Lee, Joe Woollard, Neil Astbury, Paul Beckett, Sonny Althorpe, and Viv Cohen. As well as Nick Reed and Tommy Guppy from Eastbourne.

We always feel pride in having such a great community of students at Kicks and Saturday was no exception. This was a non-decision event so that fighters could gain experience and practice their training skills in a competitive environment. The levels of skills shown in all bouts was very high and everyone who competed received a well earned medal. All our fighters showed evidence of their increasing skills as well as taking away things to work on and all very much enjoyed it.

This inter club was very well organized, and a lot of thought had gone into the matches and ensuring everyone got the opportunity to fight. Our Nam Yang hosts went out of their way to ensure we felt very welcomed and cheered on our fighters as well as their own. This was their first K1 event at their newly opened community based gym and we look forward to their future events in 2022.

The Kicks Team at Nam Yang - 13 people shown, listed below photo
The Kicks Team go to Nam Yang. From Left to Right: Tiff Williams, Neil Astbury, Sonny Althorpe, Nick Reed, Dan Hodgkins, Joe Woollard, Jamie Brown, Tommy Guppy, Viv Cohen, Shane Kent, Paul Beckett, Kieran Lee, Fiona MacNeill