Road to MuayThai Grandprix 12/12/12

A hard fought fight

Scala, London
Sunday, 12th December

A massive well done to Jamie Brown on his fight with Yashua Sam at “The Road to MTGP”. Both young men are very well schooled and both showing their extensive experience from their Junior fight career. Their fight was explosive and fought at a high level and had the crowd fully engaged.

In the first round Jamie was all over his opponent working sharp hands and powerful kicks and catching his opponent with a very well timed left hook as well a strong lead knee into the body after an explosive combination which had included a powerful back leg head kick and front leg round kick to the head and body. This round with it’s combinations and Jamie staying his ground showed all he had taken on board since his last fight in October.

In the second round Jamie changed gear. Rather than continuing to put the pressure on his opponent as needed he went onto the back foot and allowed Yashua to get back into the fight. Jamie was blocking Yashua’s shots and kicks and unfazed by them but he wasn’t coming back with his own work, and this is the round that cost him the fight. The third round saw success from both fighters but Jamie wasn’t able to do enough in this round to turn it around so it was a points win to Yashua Sam. This is a fight that definitely calls for a re-match, which Jamie hopes will happen early in 2022. 

Jamie Brown post fight at the MuayThai Grand Prix at the Scala, London
Jamie Brown at the M.T.G.P in December 2021