ISKA National Championships 13/03/22

ISKA National Championships
Sunday 13th March 2022
North Solihull Leisure Centre Birmingham

Well done to Jamie and Billy Brown; and Regan Maher on their K1 performances

We felt proud of our young fight team as win or loss they gave it their all and encouraged and supported each other throughout the long day.

Regan, Billy, and Jamie shown on the ISKA National Championships Podium
L-R: Regan Maher, Billy Brown, Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown v Jake Cranklin (Kilbride Gym) (2 x 1.30 Minute)

We have to say that we could not understand this two round fight (1.30 Min) being scored as a loss for Jamie. In our heads it was a clear unspoken win to Jamie. This feeling was somewhat echoed by the referee who re-counted the scores three times as he was also confused. We know with a tournament you have to roll with the results, but this was such a one sided bout. Jamie was in total control both at distance and in close range. Scoring accurately with his head shots and wobbling him, visibly hurting his opponent with his knees as well as kicking him off his feet with a well timed front kick. We literally thought they must have got the corners mixed up. Well done to Jamie on another improved performance. Always learning and building on what he has learnt from his previous fights.

Billy Brown v Delano Vugts (GM Gym Holland) (3 x 1 Minute)

Well done to his brother Billy who with only one fighter in his changed category got into the ring for the final only to find his opponent had gone home! Thank you to the Dutch Team and Delano Vugts who agreed to step in and fight Billy so he didn’t leave without a fight. Billy grows in confidence and maturity with each ring outing and was picking his shots and stamping his authority in each round. Congratulations on another well deserved win against a well schooled and strong opponent.

Regan Maher v Alyiah Todd (WKU) (3 x 1 Minute)

A close and very fast paced fight with Regan using her powerful front kick and fast hands. A draw after two rounds meant it all went to the third round. Again another very competitive round but which Regan’s opponent just edged to give her the win. Well done to Regan for her performance and her Bronze Medal.

Regan, Billy, and Jamie with instructors Tiffany Williams and Shane Kent at the ISKA National Championships 2022
L-R: Tiffany Williams (Instructor), Regan Maher, Billy Brown, Shane Kent (Instructor), Jamie Brown