WKO European Open Championships 30/04/22

WKO European Open Championships
Barnsley Metrodome
Saturday 30TH April 2022

Instructor Jamie Brown took fighters Billy Brown and Regan Maher to compete at the WKO European Open Championships under K1 rules at Barnsley Metrodome.

Amateur A Class K1 Rules 13 -14 Years (M 69.5 – 72Kgs)

Final (2 x 1 Minute Rounds)
Billy Brown v Djustin Micael (Holland)

Djustin was fast off the blocks and used his size to push forward and look the more aggressive fighter. Though his swinging big punches were not scoring cleanly they resulted in Billy being given a standing count in the first 15 seconds. Djustin continued to move forward, and though Billy was trying to fight off the back foot he wasn’t able to really connect and change the pattern of the fight.

The second round was similar to the first with Billy’s opponent walking forward throwing big punches, and then closing the distance to hold making it very hard for Billy to do anything.

Win and Gold to Djustin Micael.

Silver to Billy Brown.

Amateur A Class K1 Rules 14 – 16 Years (F 53Kgs)

Final (2 x 1 Minute Rounds)
Regan Maher v Paulina Kowal (Spartan Team Taunton – Poland)

Both Regan and Paulina started at a fast pace.  Regan used her strong front kick and combination punches in the first round to push her opponent back. Whenever the distance was closed Regan was quick to grab and knee.

The second round saw both fighters trying to dominate but when Paulina was trying to push forward Regan again used her Front Kick to good effect and again worked fast with her hands.

Well Earnt Win and Gold to Regan.

Well done to Regan on her Gold, and Billy on his Silver.

Regan Maher and instructor Jamie Brown pictured on left. Billy Brown pictured on right.
Regan Maher pictured witth instructor Jamie Brown on the left. Billy Brown on the right.