Nam Yang Warriors Interclub 14/05/22 and Lumpini Crawley Interclub 15/05/22 

Nam Yang Warriors Interclub 14/05/22

On Saturday Viv Cohen, Ilaria Galetta and Paul Beckett were honing their K1 skills and ringcraft at Nam Yang Interclub.  This is the second Interclub we have attended at Nam Yang and both have been very relaxed and friendly. The bouts are all carefully matched, and the one ring venue means everyone watches and supports the fighters in the ring.  From Paul’s spinning side kick; to Viv’s close in knees; to Ilaria’s constant work rate it was a pleasure to watch all three fighter’s and to see them giving their 100%.  

Kicks fighters, instructors, and supporters pictured at Nam Yang Warriors club on 14th of May 22
Left to right (fighters, instructors, and supporters): Charlie Hiller, Helen Anderson, Amy Moyes, Illaria Galetta (fighter), Tiffany Williams (instructor), Viv Cohen (fighter), Paul Beckett (fighter), Anna Duxbury (instructor).

Lumpini Crawley Interclub 15/05/22

On Sunday Billy Brown, Brae Duxbury, Kai Molineaux, Kyle, Regan Maher and Sonny Althorpe were in action at the very popular and long standing Lumpini Crawley Interclub hosted by John Jarvis.  With two rings in action and over 60 bouts this was another very busy day. Again all these fighters  gave 100% and showed their ringcraft; their footwork and their ability to mix up their fight game. They did themselves and the club proud. 

Well done to all our Kicks Fighters. Onwards and Forwards.  

Kicks fighters and instructors pictured at Lumpini Crawley on 15th May 22
Kyle, Kai, Brae and Billy pictured with instructors Shane Kent and Jamie Brown