Battle of Kent 41 09/10/22

Lordswood Leisure Centre, Chatham, Kent

This IKf sanctioned daytime Light Contact K1- kickboxing event is run by Colin Payne of TKO Elite. It has two rings in constant action and over 70 fights of 3 x 1 Minute Rounds.  It was great to see so many familiar clubs and faces in attendance.

Brighton Kicks Instructors Jamie Brown and Tiffany Williams were there with our three first time K1 fighters:

  • Brae Duxbury (Junior)
  • Ilaria Galetta
  • Majeed Mohammed

Eastbourne Kicks Instructor Peter Muffett was there with K1 fighters:

  • Jack Bowker (Junior)
  • Nick Reed.   

All Kicks fighters had trained hard for this, and this was evident in the ring. Win or Loss everyone gave their 100%. It was great to have other Kicks students supporting and cheering on the fighters, and great to have both Brighton and Eastbourne on the same event. 

Kicks Wins

Majeed Mohammed v Matt Oliver (Assassins)

Ilaria Galetta v Amy Yeo (Unique)

Nick Reed v Tom Profitt (Swaffham) 

Kicks Losses

Brae Duxbury v Shae Willard (UMA) 

Jack Bowker v Leighton Jostmier (TKO Elite)

Composite of fighters at Battle of Kent 41. Jack Bowker, Brae Duxbury, Ilaria Galetta, Majeed Mohammed, Nick Reed.
Top-left: Jack Bowker. Top-right: Brae Duxbury. Bottom-left: Ilaria Galetta. Bottom-middle: Majeed Mohammed. Bottom-right: Nick Reed.