Maidstone Mayhem 6/11/22

Light Contact Show – Ballin’ Nightclub, Maidstone

Coaches Jamie Brown and Anna Duxbury took junior Kicks Fighter Brae Duxbury and adult Sonny Althorpe to this TKO Light Contact Daytime Event at Ballin’ Nightclub.

This was Sonny’s first decision fight, and Brae’s second decision fight. His first bout being his very recent fight at the Battle of Kent in October.

Win to Brae Duxbury v Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers was a game opponent but Brae used good movement and ringcraft and stayed composed under pressure.  He worked well to the head and body and outworked his opponent in every round.  The fight was stopped in the third round. Win to Brae.

Loss to Sonny Althorpe v Arnold Isatkinas

Sonny’s original opponent didn’t arrive so he was matched with the shorter but powerful Isatkinas. This was Sonny’s first decision fight and he fought well but not enough to get the win on this occasion.