Battle of Kent 42 12/03/23

Lordswood Leisure Centre, Chatham, Kent

A very good day at Battle of Kent 42.  This was the first Battle of Kent under only K1 Rules which was exciting.  The event ran to its usual high standards. Two rings were in constant operation and each bout was 3 x 1 Minutes.  The event had a great atmosphere, and there was great enthusiasm from coaches and fighters alike.  This is an event primarily for novice fighters but as the event organiser Colin Payne said “the desire and effort is equal to any event anywhere”.

Well done to all our fighters.  All of them win or loss showing great levels of fitness, and definitely living up to the Kicks motto “Fitness is worth fighting for“. All of them showing composure under pressure, and giving it their all. 

Well done to our winners:

  • Brae Duxbury V Rien Carley (87 FIGHT)
  • Regan Maher V Klaudia Ostojska (WARRIOR)

Emphatic and well deserved. Winning each round on their work rate and cleaner scoring punches, kicks and knees. 

Well done to our first-time fighters who though not getting the decision gave great accounts of themselves, showed grit and determination, and were there competitively in each round right until the final bell.  

  • Kyle Matthews V Tyler Fallon (Falcon)
  • Ben Saunders V Lazlo Jager (Warrior) 
  • Viv Cohen V Rebecca Young (Falcons Thanet) 
  • Jason Ancell V Freddie Swindells (Dojo Woking) 

Next Battle of Kent 2nd July.

Kicks Brighton fighters at Battle of Kent 42 in March 2023
Kicks fighters at Battle of Kent 42