Interclub Lumpini Crawley 12/02/23

Lumpini Crawley

Well done to all our fighters from Kicks Brighton and Kicks Eastbourne.

From Brighton: Billy Brown, David Ade Odunlade, Fardeen Ebrahim, Jason Ancell, Kyle Matthews, Regan Maher, and Viv Cohen.

From Eastbourne: Drew Beeson, Liam Ellis, Nick Reed, and Roy Peche.

Crawley Interclub is always a busy and enjoyable event with two rings running in synchronicity. This event was no different with over 80 fights, yet finishing by 3pm.  It caters for total novices to experienced fighters. The refereeing is always spot on with contact levels kept controlled ensuring both parties get the chance to work. All our fighters had trained hard for this event. Whether it was their first bout in the ring or one of many ring bouts they got a good workout with the chance to work on their ringcraft and their skills along with their defence and strategy.

Well done Team Kicks!

Montage showing Kicks Brighton fighters at Lumpini Crawley on 12/02/23
Kicks Brighton fighters
Montage showing Kicks Eastbourne fighters at Lumpini Crawley on 12/02/23
Kicks Eastbourne fighters