Muaythai Mayhem 21/10/23

K2 Crawley

This saw Kicks Instructor JAMIE BROWN V ZAKARIYA NJIE (KO Bloodline) over 3 x 2 Minute Rounds of Pro – Am K1 Rules @81Kgs. Zakariya was a replacement opponent; and we were delighted to have such a high calibre fighter for Jamie as we knew this would take him to another level in his fight development. How right we were! This was a fantastic bout.  Both men had their success; both took good shots, and at the end of the second round there was very little to separate them. 

The third round was one of accurate high octane action which saw a split decision win to Zakariya.  This will be a great re-match further down the line.

Jamie Brown and Zakariya Njie face off in the ring next to the Referee before the fight.
Jamie and Zakariya pre-fight
Jamie Brown after the fight with Tiff Williams and Shane Kent
Jamie Brown with instructors, Tiffany Williams and Shane Kent