Crawley Interclub 12/11/23

Crawley Lumpini

Another enjoyable trip to Crawley Lumpini for their third and final interclub of the year. We always enjoy these events run by John Jarvis and his team. They provide a superb platform for those interested in fighting as well as those who enjoy taking their training to that next level.  

Every student (from novice to experienced) gets the opportunity to spar in a controlled environment. The fights can be tough, but they are closely supervised. Two rings are in action and the fights run in sync. We were very fortunate this time to have a large group of Kicks students come and support our fighters and cheer them on which always adds to the whole experience. Thank you to those supporters and parents.   

Congratulations to all those who fought. 

  • Our Under 18s: Henry Coffey, Jasper Hoar, Charlier Ellender 
  • Our female fighters: Viv Cohen, Ilaria Galetta, and Charlie Hillier.  

For those fighting for the first time who conquered their nerves and gave it their all; to those more experienced who showed ring craft and increased skills; to those returning to competing and looking very at home in the ring.   

We always receive such nice feedback from other clubs about our team, and today was no exception. A team to be proud of both in and out of the ring. 

Well done everyone!

Composite showing all the fighters at the end of their matches, the female fighters together, and then the whole group of fighters together.
Collage of all the Kicks fighters who took part in the final Crawley Lumpini interclub competition of the year