Crawley Lumpini Interclub 17/02/24

Well done to those who competed at Crawley Lumpini’s first interclub of 2024. These events are run by owner, John Jarvis and his team of coaches.  These shows are always so well run. There are two rings running in sync with each other, and 3 x 1 minute bouts of K1/Thai boxing action. Novice to experienced fighters are able to work on their ring craft and fighting skills in a controlled environment.  

Congratulations to our first time fighters Sam Amos and Erfan Monfared. Also to Charlie Ellender who was stepping into the ring for the second time.  

Well done to our more experienced female fighters Ilaria Galetta and Regan Maher. 

Thank you to our supporters and parents. Another very enjoyable day which everyone enjoyed and took away both positives and things to work on. 

Composite image showing all of the fights - bottom right shows some fo the Kicks fighters