Muaythai Mayhem 9/03/24

Saturday, 9th March – Copthorne Hotel Gatwick

Muaythai Mayhem was back at the Copthorne Hotel, Gatwick. This is a smaller and more intimate venue than the O2, and a great venue for a show. Many of Kicks Students had bought tickets to support Kicks Instructor Jamie Brown who was fighting Bazil Okpabia from the well known Daniel Sam’s Gym.

This over 3 x 2 Minute Rounds of Bare Shins K1 Rules @80Kgs. Three hard rounds against the strong Bazil Okpabia who relied on his aggression and punches.

Jamie did the more accurate work in each round, and landed the cleaner and more varied techniques. He worked the knee effectively at close range, and used his round kick and push kick as well as straight punches as Bazil walked forward. We know everything scores equally in K1. We know aggression is favoured, and Bazil was aggressive and looked busy with his hands, but we also thought someone who is landing their shots cleanly would edge the rounds against someone who is just throwing a lot.

Taking nothing away from his opponent the resulting majority draw was a shock. We felt certain Jamie had taken the win. It is what it is. We look forward to seeing Jamie back in action in May.

Jamie Brown and Bazil Okpabia are in the ring and have their arms held up by the referee to indicate a draw