Marc Brown (Brighton)

Photo of Marc Brown
Photo of Thai Boxing instructor Marc Brown

Marc started Martial Arts as a junior, and has a wealth of instructional experience as well as over 100 fights under his belt (29 of these fights in Thailand). He has also spent extensive periods of time living in Thailand and training and fighting out of Fairtex Gym, and has the honour and recognition of having fought at Lumpini Stadium, Bangkok.

Marc had to leave Kicks for work reasons in 2015, and in the interim we were very fortunate to have two excellent Thai Instructors. We were very well schooled with Super Kim (Prakim KhanThong) from 2015 – 2017, and then very fortunate to have our friend and world class Instructor Kru Chao teaching at Kicks from 2017 – 2019. Chao started Thai Boxing at age 8 and had over 350 fights under his belt before he retired and took his skills into teaching both in Thailand and Internationally. Among others he was trainer to Fighter Yodsanklai whilst at Fairtex Gym. Kru Chao had to return to Thailand in 2020 and is back teaching at Fairtex Pattaya. We hope he will be back for a visit at some point in the not too distant future.

We are fortunate however that 2020 saw Marc in a different job and we are delighted he is back teaching with us along with our Excellent Kicks Fighter and Champion Jamie Brown.