Shane Kent (Brighton)

shanekShane Kent started training in Wado Ryu Karate in 1987 as a 5-year-old and achieved his Brown Belt before deciding he preferred kickboxing. He has always been instructed by his dad, chief instructor Chris Kent (7th Degree). He was the first junior to gain his Kickboxing Black Belt in 1997.  He achieved his Second Degree in 2001. He was awarded his 3rd Degree in 2013 and his fourth Degree in 2022 for his knowledge and expertise of the sport.

As a martial artist Shane is the complete package; skilled in ring craft he is a very powerful and flexible kicker, and a very fast and elusive boxer.  Not only does he have all the ring craft of over three decades of training, but he has also spent all these years watching, absorbing and analysing the skills of elite boxers, kick boxers and K1 fighters.

In his late teens Shane also went and trained under Seaford ABC.  Shane was very keen to compete on the amateur boxing circuit, but on the five occasions he was matched his opponents pulled out. This was either before the day, on the day, and on the last occasion, which was a Sussex v Kent Team event, after the weigh in and after both teams had entered the ring. Shane returned to full time kickboxing, and in the past competed on the Semi Contact Circuit.

As a striking coach Shane has both Professional and Amateur Boxers; K1 and Thai Boxers; and MMA fighters on his books. He takes a keen interest in furthering the skills and fitness of Kicks Junior Fighters.  Shane teaches our Juniors Students on Wed and Saturday and has a popular Saturday Morning Youths and Adults K1 Drills Class. He teaches students on a 1:1 Basis and is always happy to take on further clients.

•        4th Degree Black Belt – 2022

•        DBS CHECKED
•        Absolute First Aid Appointed Persons First Aid Certified 2022