Stitch Sayers (Eastbourne)

Stitch Sayers (2nd Degree)

ssayersStitch first started training at Kicks in 1998 under Instructors Jim Caldecourt and Antony Hogbin.  As a Junior Stitch studied Kung Fu, and as an adolescent he trained in mixed martial arts.

From 1998 – 2001 Stitch trained with Kicks and got up to Blue Belt. An injury and a move from Brighton forced Stitch to take a considerable amount of time out from training (2001 – 2008).
At the start of 2009 Stitch returned to training and studying under Chief Instructor Chris Kent.  From his return, Stitch’s intention was to work towards coaching others in order to help them experience the benefits of a sport he feels so passionately about.  Stitch had previously coached and run the admin side for a Football team, and knew he had the skills to transfer this to setting up a Kicks Kickboxing Club in Eastbourne.

Kicks Eastbourne has now been established since 2010, and Stitch has a committed and steadily growing group of both Junior and Senior Students training under him right through from beginners to Black Belts.

His commitment is even more evident when you know that this is alongside having established the ever growing Slims Pro Sportswear Brand ( ; and also being the father of two young children.

  • Obtained Black Belt in 2011. Obtained 2nd Degree in 2015.
  • 2009: Started assisting with Junior Kickboxing Classes under Instructor Chris Kent.
  • Summer 2010 (with Peter Muffett as Acting Instructor) Stitch set up and started the Kicks Club in Eastbourne.
  • 2010 / 2011 Stitch was both Assistant and Cover Instructor under Peter Muffett and Shane Kent.
  • 2010 Kicks Eastbourne Full Time Dojo was established.
  • Referee and Corner Experience for Kicks fighters.
  • Stitch is also a Cover Instructor for both Junior and Senior Classes in Brighton, and at Sussex University.
  • Absolute First Aid Certificate June 2015.
  • CRB checked
  • Featured in ETC Magazine June 2013