About Us and History

chrislfyignkicksmallKicks Martial Arts Centres have been in existence since 1978 in Brighton and quickly became known for quality karate and kickboxing in Sussex, teaching the Wado Ryu style of karate, and kickboxing. As usual with most martial arts clubs, KICKS began life in church halls and leisure centres teaching to small groups of children and adults. As the clubs grew it became necessary to open a full time dojo and in 1982 the Lewes Road dojo was opened and has continued there ever since.

Our Chief Instructor Chris Kent 7th Dan Wado Ryu Karate and 7th Degree Kickboxing was instrumental in building a strong base for all types of people to learn the martial arts.

Satellite clubs were opened in Hove, and later in Peacehaven, and it was from the Brighton dojo and the two satellite clubs that KICKS produced world-beating students in kickboxing and karate, as well as providing a base for students simply to practice their art.

In addition to it’s Fulltime Centre Kicks has satellite clubs in London and France. Kicks Instructors teach in Schools Community Groups, Sports Centres, and it has a long established Kickboxing Club based at Sussex University.

KICKS instructors all have a direct line of instruction from the Chief Instructor, and undergo rigorous training before they can teach at club level.

KICKS competition record in karate and kickboxing is second to none in the area having produced many World, European, British and English Champions in Kickboxing, and in karate have represented England and Great Britain at all levels. Our karate squad is considered one of the best in the country, and our kickboxers are unrivalled in both men’s and women’s competition.

Our members cover the complete spectrum of society reflecting KICKS’ policy of open training. Over the years KICKS have taught disabled people, one gained her karate black belt in 1995, and the other gained her karate 1st Dan in 2003.

Adult Karate

Kicks run classes for adults of all ages, at all of our clubs.

Learning karate is individual and our class structure recognises this, and you will develop in karate at your own pace under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

Karate will bring you increased self-esteem, fitness, self-confidence, and above all an overwhelming sense of achievement and satisfaction.

At KICKS we have dedicated ladies only classes in Brighton and Uckfield, these are held during the day to fit in with your hectic schedules! It is an ideal opportunity to learn karate in a comfortable environment and perhaps do a little socialising at the same time. Essentially there is no difference between men and ladies karate, except that at the ladies only classes, the self-defence aspect is geared towards ladies safety.

Children’s Karate

Karate has many benefits for children, and we at KICKS are dedicated to teaching quality karate, along with which comes the additional benefits.
In children karate builds confidence, discipline and helps to develop character.

Learning karate helps children in other areas of their lives. Teachers and parents have told us that after training in karate, their pupils and children have shown a marked difference in their schoolwork, and their interaction with other children.

Our instructors have all been trained from beginner to instructor by senior instructors within KICKS, and ultimately by Sensei Chris Kent 6th Dan, our Chief Instructor. Our instructors have all experienced the transition from beginner to black belt and beyond.

As a KICKS student, you become a member of one of the most respected groups in the country. Our students have competed in national and international competitions throughout the world with outstanding results.

If, as a parent or student, you have any concerns with your training, please feel free to speak to your instructor, we are here to help, guide and instruct, and anything we can do to help you in your karate career will be gladly given.

Remember, karate is something is something we can practice for the rest of our lives, and our karate gets stronger by regular training.

You should attempt to attend at least twice a week in order to maintain a steady progress in your karate. Those of you who train at school clubs are very welcome at these classes.

We hope you enjoy your training with us, and soon begin to experience the benefits, both physical and social, that karate can offer.