Trying A Class Out At  Kicks:
We offer a 4 Class Trial at Kicks before having to commit to Kicks Membership.

Sparring Class with World Champion Jim Caldecourt
Sparring Class with World Champion Jim Caldecourt

What Kind of Club are you?
We are a friendly family run club and cater for those as young as five to those who are still training in their sixties and seventies. We have people competing at national and international level, and we have people training whose primary motive is to improve or maintain fitness; to have fun; and to make or see friends through training. We are committed to improving our students’ health and fitness.
We will give advice and encouragement. For those competing we will run additional sessions which are competition/fighting based.

How much is Membership?

Membership to Kicks is £10 for Juniors and £15 for Adults.
Member to Member Insurance Cover which is renewable annually costs £12 for juniors and £15 for Adults.  We require all members to have Member to Member Insurance Cover. As Instructors we all have Instructor Indemnity Insurance and KMAC as an association has Public Indemnity Insurance Cover.

All Students are on a Minimum Monthly Payment.  Juniors pay £21pm for 1 x Week and Adults pay £30pm for 1 x Week.  Additional Classes are £5.50 for Juniors and £7.50 for Adults. We also offer Monthly Payments for 2 x Week & More. 

What to wear at an initial session?
We train without shoes.  For your first lesson wear loose, comfortable clothing; tracksuit bottoms or leggings (ideally dark and plain) and a loose plain dark coloured t –shirt (No Logos or Slogans).  If you continue with your training you will need to buy the appropriate clothing for your art:
Gi and Badge (Karate and Ju-Jitsu)
Kickboxing Trousers or Kickboxing Shorts and a Kicks T Shirt
Thai Boxing Shorts and a Kicks T Shirt.

How much will it cost to buy clothing and equipment?

This is all available at a very reasonable price at the Kicks Club in Lewes Road. We can also order most equipment and brands from our stockists.
Kickboxing Trousers £15 – £18    Kickboxing Shorts £19.99 
T Shirts and Vests range from £15  
Gi’s range from £18 – £22
Thai Shorts  £19.99

july 2009 060How fit do I need to be?

People get very concerned they’re not fit enough to start. If you have any health concerns do always pre check with your GP, and get the go ahead from him/her first.  Our syllabus and classes are designed to build up your fitness levels.  We tell students to work at their own pace and progress at a rate they are comfortable with.

Mr ear-rings (other piercings/rings etc) can’t be removed. Can I still train?

All jewellery should be removed for safety reasons.  If it can’t be removed, it should be taped over (& it’s down to you to supply the tape)

I have a blue (green/purple/black etc) belt in another Martial Art – Do I have to start at the beginning?

For those interested in Karate and Ju-Jitsu the answer is yes. You may well be able to progress through the grades at the minimum time interval, but you still have to start at the beginning, learn the syllabus and work your way up.

For those training in Kickboxing who have trained at other clubs we will assess you and move you into an appropriate class. Again you will still need to work through our grading syllabus, but there are various classes on offer which are not dependant on your belt, and you also have on offer Boxing; Thai Boxing and  Wrestling classes.

I already train in one martial arts discipline elsewhere but want to train in a second/third martial arts discipline at Kicks.
If you train at a different club it is an normal etiquette to request the permission of your Chief Instructor to train elsewhere. In the same way it is courteous of you to inform us of the fact you train elsewhere.

I’m interested in the competitive side of Martial Arts. Do you cater for this?
We do.  Anyone who wants to compete needs to be training a mimimum of twice a week, and if you were training for full contact sports a minimum of three times a week with additional cv work been done alongside this.

karate competition-23

How long will it take me to get my Black Belt?

The minimum time for a Black Belt is three and a half year. However you would need to dedicate a lot of time to achieve it that quickly. Somewhere between 4 – 6 years is more common.