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Welcome to Ishigaki Ju-jitsu club, the UK’s only gay martial arts club. We have been training in Brighton for over 10 years. Our name comes from the Japanese words meaning ‘stone’ and ‘wall’

Ju-Jitsu is the oldest documented form of Japanese martial art. The word ‘Ju’ means gentle, supple or yield, while ‘Jitsu’  means art or skill; thus ‘Ju-jitsu’ is known as the gentle skill or art of yielding. If it is new to you, it is not unlike judo. It is a system of throws, locks, blocks, strikes and kicks.

It was originally developed as an unarmed combat system of the Samurai (Japanese Warriors) to enable them to continue fighting if they lost their weapons: or for situations where weapons were not warranted.

Training with Ishigaki can be as ‘gentle’ or ‘full-on’ as you choose.  We do work towards a syllabus with a grading system of belts, (kyu grades) but more important than that, is that you will learn techniques that you can use to keep yourself safe. This may be simple self defence moves such a escaping from grabs and strangles to more complex moves as you move upwards through our grading system towards your black belt  or ‘dan’ grade.


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You don’t need to be ‘sporty’ to join or have any martial arts experience. Ju-jitsu teaches how to use your aggressor’s energy and momentum against then. We are a club for all genders, ages, sizes and fitness levels and where being small is not a disadvantage!

If you’re looking for something more competitive or wish to show off, there is ‘Sport Ju-Jitsu’ where you can compete in regional, national and international competitions. At a more senior level, you also get the chance to practice your skills using traditional weapons.

We know it can be daunting starting something new, so we have monthly introductory sessions.

Session times:

Sunday 5pm-7pm at KICKS

To learn more about Ishigaki; your first FREE class and read some personal experiences, visit our website, where you can contact us through our webmail.

You can also contact to Sue and Gareth at or call on 07933156845

Fitness, fun, friendship; confident self defence, see you there.