Kickboxing originated in the mid-seventies in America under the guidance of the PKA (Professional Karate Association). It was initiated as a result of the frustration felt by many martial artists with the Karate Tournament Circuit. Initially known as Full Contact Karate with most of the original champions coming from a Karate background; Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Joe Lewes, Benny “The Jet” Ugiduez it increasingly came to be known as kickboxing. Though some saw it as detrimental to traditional karate as it combined a mixture of styles and disciplines, others felt it opened the door to a more practical form of fighting.

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Kickboxing came to the United Kingdom in the late 1970s and established itself as a demanding and exciting sport. Though martial arts are usually thought of in terms of a style or a system, kickboxing  is an eclectic martial art that gives credit to most of the fighting arts in its application.  The hand techniques  of the boxer are combined with the kicks of many different martial arts from the orient.

Chris Kent, the founder of Kicks came from a Karate background into Kickboxing. He was the first British PKA Champion retiring undefeated after three years of competition, and rated 6th in the world.

Chris Kent is a 7th Degree awarded by the ISKA. In the eighties and nineties he was a major participator, promoter and teacher of kickboxing in the UK, Europe and the USA, though he has taken more of a backseat in the last few years.  His fighters have toured world wide and been televised on SKY and EUROSPORT.

Fighters have included Professional Welter Weight World Champion Nick Clark and Professional Super Welter Weight World Champion Jim Caldecourt, Professional Super Welter Weight Intercontinental Champion Tom Montgomery, Amateur World Champion Anthony Hogbin, and Amateur World Flyweight and Professional European Champion Tiffany Williams.


Kicks was one of the first clubs to develop a grading syllabus and we offer a variety of classes to accommodate those from Beginners to Black Belt.  Our classes are taught in a safe and structured way and meet the needs of both those who want to compete and those who want to train in order to improve their strength, suppleness and general levels of fitness.

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We are very fortunate at Kicks Kickboxing to have always had a line of instruction which comes from our Chief Instructor Chris Kent and are proud of our achievements over the years. Chris Kent is still actively teaching; and both Juniors and Seniors are able to benefit from the strategic and technical nature of his classes. Teaching with Chris at Kicks is former World Champion Jim Caldecourt who has been with our club right from the start of his training and fighting career. He has invaluable knowledge and expertise. Jim is part of the kicks grading panel and is also an ISKA Qualified Referee and Judge and can be seen on the circuit in this capacity.

Also teaching at Brighton Kicks, and at external clubs and venues, is former European and Amateur World Champion Tiffany Williams. Tiffany specialises in Womens Only Classes. She also teaches mainstream grading classes, sits on the grading panel and enjoys ensuring students work to their maximum capacity.  Keeping it a family affair Shane Kent has been training, absorbing and studying martial arts all his life, and instructs at Kicks Brighton; The Underground Gym and  at Tyedean Hall, Telscombe Cliffs.  He leads our very popular Junior Sessions as well as teaching Adult K1 and Circuit Sessions. Also on our Brighton team is Natania Lomberg (3rd Degree ),  Odile Rapoport (2nd Degree), and Shah Amin (2nd Degree) who all step in and cover classes as and when is needed.  

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At our outside Kicks Clubs Instructor Stitch Sayers runs the ever expanding Kicks Eastbourne, and Donna Torrance who runs the London Kicks,  Also on our team are loyal and long standing Brighton Kicks Competitors and Members; Shah Amin, Natania Lomberg, and Odile Rapoport who are always happy to step in when needed as fully qualified cover instructors.

Below is the list of the tiles won by Kicks Kickboxers over the years. 

1979 – 1982
Chris Kent PKA British Pro Lt. Wgt

Phil Von Lathem – PKA British Pro Wel.Wgt.

Norman Greenaway WKMA British Pro Light Wgt
Roger Silsby  Brit. Pro.Wel.Wgt

Roger Silsby – European Pro Mid.Wgt

Tom Montgomery – BIKMA  Brit.Pro.Sup. Wel.Wgt

Jim Caldecourt – ISKA S.Area. Amt. M.Wgt
Nick Clark – ISKA  Brit.Pro.Wel. Wgt –
Nick Clark  KICK Brit.Pro Sup.Wel.Wgt
Antony Hogbin – ISKA Brit. Amt.Wel.Wgt
Tom Montgomery – ISKA Brit. Pro.Sup.Wel.Wgt

Jim Caldecourt – ISKA Eng. Amt Lt. Mid.Wgt
Jim Caldecourt – ISKA Brit.Amt.Lt.Mid.Wgt
Greg Firth – ISKA Engl.Amt.Feather.Wgt
Anthony Hogbin – ISKA World.Amt.Sup.Wel.Wgt
Robbie Langford – ISKA Brit.Amt.Mid.Wgt
Robbie Langford – ISKA Intern.Amt.Mid.Wgt
Robbie Langford – ISKA World.Amt.Mid.Wgt

Anthony Hogbin – ISKA World.Amt.Sup.Wel.Wgt

Jim Caldecourt – ISKA World.Amt.Lt.Mid.Wgt

Nick Clark – ISKA Engl.Pro.Wel.Wgt
Tom Montgomery – ISKA Inter. Pro.Sup.Wel.Wgt
Terry Newton – WKOSA Pro.Mid.Wgt

Jim Caldecourt – ISKA ENG.Pro.Sup.Wel.Wgt
Jim Caldecourt – WKUMA Int. Pro.Sup.Wel.Wgt
Jim Caldecourt – WKUMA Euro.Pro.Lgt.Mid.Wgt
Steve Chessell – WKUMA Brit.Pro.Lgt.Wel.Wgt
Nick Clark – WKUMA World Pro.Wel.Wgt
Antony Hogbin – ISKA Eng.Pro.Sup.Wel.Wgt
Peter Muffett – ISKA S. Area Amt Wel Wgt
Terry Newton – WKA Int.Pro.Mid.Wgt
Si Thompsett – ISKA Brit.Am.Wel.Wgt
Si Thompsett – WKO Eng.Pro.Wel.Wgt

Si Thompsett – ISKA S.Area Pro Wel.Wgt

Jim Caldecourt – WKA Brit.Pro.Mid.Wgt
Jim Caldecourt – WKUMA World Pro.Lgt.Mid.Wgt
Si Thompsett – WKUMA Brit. Pro. Lgt.Mid.Wgt
Anthony Winters – BIKMA S.Area Amt.Lgt.Wgt

Jim Caldecourt ISKA World Pro.Sup.Wel.Wgt
Si Thompsett WKUMA Brit.Pro.Lgt.Mid.Wgt
Tiffany Williams BIKMA Eng.Amt.Fly.Wg2002
Tiffany Williams WKMA Brit.Amt.Fly.Wgt
Tiffany Williams WKA World Championships(Italy) Silver Med
Tiffany Williams IKF Euro Amt.Straw Wgt
Tiffany Williams BIKMA Brit Semi Contact (Under 55kg)

Zac Etheridge BIKMA Brit Semi – Contact (Middle Wgt)
Tiffany Williams Global Eng.Bantam Wgt
Tiffany Williams BIKMA Euro.Amt.Fly Wgt

Tiffany Williams BIKMA World Amt Fly Wgt
Tiffany Williams BIKMA Brit. Semi Contact
Tiffany Williams WKU Pro/Am Brit Bantam Wgt2005
Sam Davies BIKMA Eng Open Semi Contact Heavy Wgt
Tiffany Williams WKU Pro/Am British Bantam Wgt
Tiffany Williams BIKMA European Amt Fly Wgt Title
Gez Wilson BIKMA Eng Open Semi Contact Light Wgt

Peter Muffett BIKMA British Semi – Contact (Under 70kg)
Steve Robinson BIKMA English Light Heavy Wgt
Tiffany Williams Golden Belt Pro European Flyweight Champion

James Caldecourt N.A.K.Open Semi Contact Champion(Under 80kg)
Lucasz Gromadzskinski ISKA Open British Light Continuous Champion
(Under 75kg)
Sarwar Hamid W.A.K.O British Open Full Contact Champion(Under 63.5kg)
Sarwar Hamid ISKA Open British Full Contact Champion (Under 63.5kg)
Shane Kent N.A.K.Open Semi Contact Champion (Under 80kg)

2011 (Junior)
Jamie Brown ISKA Open British Light Continuous Champion
(10 – 12Yrs) (Under 40kg) Bronze
George Kenly ISKA Open British Light Continuous Champion
(10 – 12Yrs) (& 45kg) Silver
Robert Kenly ISKA Open British Light Continuous Champion
(13 – 15Yrs) (Under 50kg) Bronze

James Caldecourt NAK Open Semi Contact Champion (Under 75kg)
Chris Friis NAK Open Semi Contact Champion (Under 65kg)
Lucasz Gromadzinski NAK Open Semi Contact Champion (Under 75kg)
Robert Kenly NAK Open Semi Contact Champion (Under 50kg)
Robert Kenly Ringmasters Semi Contact Champion Jr Boys (Under 50kg)

George Kenly IKF English Open Light Continuous Champion
Under 55Kg (Boys10–13Yrs)
Lucasz Gromadzinski Ringmasters 2013 Light Continuous
Champion (Male Under 75kg)
Tomas Kovaricek & Mark Mantell Ringmasters 2013 Light
Continuous Champions (Male Under 70kg)

Sam Campbell 1st Place at WKA Southern Open Championships 11 – 12yrs (38 – 40Kgs)

Sam Campbell K1 Southern Open Tournament Champion 12 -13yrs (Under 45Kgs)
Regan Maher IKF  English Open Tournament Champion 10 -13 yrs (Under 45Kgs)

Regan Maher WKU British Open Tournament Full Contact Kickboxing Champion 12 -14 yrs (40.1 – 44Kgs)

Sam Campbell K1 European Open Tournament Champion 14 -15 Yrs (50 – 55Kgs) Regan Maher WKU 5 Nations Champion Open Tournament Light Contact Kickboxing  Champion 12 – 13 Years (Under 46.1 – 49.9 Kgs )
Jamie Brown WKO Men’s 80 Kgs K1 European Open Champion
Billy Brown WKO k1 Halo Rules 12/13 yrs 54 – 55kgs European Open Champion  Sam Campbell WKO European Open Silver Medallist K1 Light Contact 14 – 15 Yrs / 55 – 60Kgs  & Silver Medallist K1 A Class 15 Yrs 60 – 62Kgs.
Regan Maher WKO European Open Silver Medallist Light Contact Kickboxing 14yrs – Under 52Kgs / Bronze Medallist Light Contact Kickboxing 14yrs 44 – 48kgs. / Silver Medallist K1 Halo B Class – Under 46Kgs. 
Fiona MacNeill WKO European Open Bronze Medallist Light Contact Women’s Kickboxing 62 – 65Kgs.
Joe Woollard WKO European Open Silver Medallist K1 Halo 14 Yrs (61 – 64kgs). 

Billy Brown WKO World Open Championships Gold Medallist 13-14 yrs (+62.1kgs).
Billy Brown WKO World Open Championships Bronze Medallist 14-15 yrs (+65kgs).

Jamie Brown WKO World Open K1 Championships Gold Medallist 21 – 40yrs (78 – 80kgs)
Jamie Brown WKO World Open K1 Championships Gold Medallist 19 – 29yrs (74.1 – 78kgs)
Sam Campbell WKO World Open K1 Championships Gold Medallist 19yrs+ (66.1 – 70kgs)
Joe Woollard WKO World Open K1 Championships Silver Medallist  17 – 18yrs (66.1 – 70kgs) 
Billy Brown WKO World Open K1 Championships Bronze Medallist 15 – 16yrs (66.1 – 70Kgs)

Billy Brown WKO European K1 Open Championships Gold Medallist in the 15–16yrs (69.1-72kgs)