• ISKA World Amateur Champion (1995)
  • WKMA World Professional Champion (2000)
  • ISKA World Professional Champion (2001)
  • Currently 5th Degree Black Belt (March 2011)



  • 1989: Jim Caldecourt started training under the Chief Instructor Chris Kent.  Within 6 months of training Jim was part of Chris’s large team of amateur and professional full contact fighters.
  • 1992: With 10 fights under his belt Jim won the ISKA Amateur Southern Area Title.
  • 1993: Jim won the ISKA English Amateur Title and the ISKA British Amateur Title. Over this period of time Jim went to fight in America on three occasions. He also participated in kickboxing demonstrations at Wembley Arena, Olympia and Earls Court.
  • 1995: His final amateur fight was at the Dome Brighton where Chris had brought over an American Team. Jim fought for the World Amateur ISKA Light Middle Weight Title and stopped his opponent  Mark Kern in the third round. Jim had now gained the honour of being able to grade for his Black Belt (1995).  An amateur world champion and twenty three fights under his belt Jim turned professional.
  • 1996/97: Jim fought professionally throughout England and France. Featured in Health & Fitness Magazine
  • 1998 : Jim had his first professional English Title Fight against the WKA champion Dale Wood. Jim won this fight in the second round through TKO. He went on to win the British professional title, the European professional title and the intercontinental professional title.
  • 2000: Jim  fought for the World Professional WKMA Light Middle Weight Title. He took it off the French champion Franc Derose in a unanimous 12 round contest. December 2000 Jim received his 3rd Degree in Kickboxing.
  • 2001 :Jim fought the ISKA Spanish Champion Juan Peredes. Jim knocked Peredes out in the tenth round of a 12 round contest, winning the prestigious World Professional ISKA Super Welter Weight Title.
  • 2001 : ISKA World Welter Weight Champion Jim Caldecourt retired.
  • 2003 : Featured in “This is Brighton” Magazine


  • In 1996 Jim started assisting in both junior and senior classes under Instruction of Chris Kent and Nick Clark . Attended Instructor Courses with Chief Instructor Chris Kent. . Alongside teaching at Brighton, Jim taught out at Seaford. He and Robby Langford set up the Kickboxing Club in Peacehaven and ran this until taken over by fellow Kicks Instructor Mark Cox in 1999. Jim Has a wide range of teaching experience in schools and outside gyms.  He currently teaches at Brighton Kicks as well as his own outside classes at David Lloyd.  He is on the KMAC Kickboxing Grading Panel.  Jim is an experienced referee in both Kickboxing and White Collar Boxing and is available as a referee to outside groups.
  • ISKA  Judge and Referee
  • Sports Coach UK Good Practice and Child Protection March 2006
  • Absolute First Aid Appointed Persons First Aid Certified June 2011


  • Thanks to my instructor Chris Kent and to Mark Cox for his continued help and support.
  • Thanks to the Well Known Professional British & Intercontinental  Kickboxing Champion Tom Montgomery and ISKA World Amateur Champion Robbie Langford for helping me to become the clever, durable and defensive fighter I was.



ISKA Southern area (AM) middle weight champion (second round tko)


ISKA English (AM) light middle weight champion (second round tko)

ISKA British (AM) light middle weight champion (unanimous)


ISKA World (AM) light middle weight champion (third round tko)


ISKA English (PRO) super welter weight champion (second round tko)

WKUMA European (PRO) light middle weight (first round ko)

WKUMA International (PRO) welter weight (unanimous)


WKA British (PRO) middleweight (unanimous)

WKMA World (PRO) light middle weight (unanimous)


ISKA World (PRO) super welter weight (tenth round ko)