Women’s Kickboxing


Women’s Kickboxing is an active and successful part of Kicks Martial Arts Centre

kicks light continuous female competitors
Trainer Tiffany Williams with Kicks Light Continuous Fighters Amelia Shepherd, Odile Rapoport, Natalie Gowing

Lots of women want to train in Kickboxing to lose weight; gain confidence; and feel safer. They also want to build fitness; strength; and increase flexibility. Many women initially feel very self conscious when training, and are not confident to train in a mixed class, or with a male instructor. At Kicks we’re able to offer:

  • Women’s Only Sessions taught by Female Instructors
  • Mixed sessions taught by Female Instructors.

The great thing about the women’s only kickboxing sessions is that there is a real mixture of:

  • Ages
  • Shapes
  • Abilities
  • Fitness Levels

We have women from all walks of life. The shared factor in all the sessions is the good nature among the women training, and their shared interest in learning a martial art. Many of the women have become friends through training. Female Students feel part of a team, and support each other.

The fact that so many women have trained from Beginner through to Black Belt at Kicks shows that women stick at training; and stick at training together.

Do I need to be fit before I start kickboxing?
Women get very concerned they’re not fit enough to start. If you have any health concerns do always pre check with your GP, and get the go ahead from her/him first.  Our syllabus and classes are designed to build up your fitness levels.  We tell students to work at their own pace and progress at a rate they are comfortable with.

What to wear at an initial session?
We train without shoes.  For your first lesson wear loose, comfortable clothing; tracksuit bottoms or leggings (ideally dark and plain) and a loose plain dark coloured t –shirt (No Logos or Slogans).  If you continue with your training you will need to buy Kickboxing Trousers and a Kicks T Shirt.  You may also want to buy Hand Wraps and your own Bag Gloves.

How much will it cost to buy clothing and equipment?

This is available at a very reasonable price from our Kicks Club on Lewes Road. We can also order most equipment and brands from our stockists.

  • Kicks T Shirt & Vests £12.00
  • Kickboxing Trousers from £15.00
  • Hand wraps from £4.00
  • Bag Gloves from £12.95
  • Boxing Gloves from £25.00

Mr ear-rings (other piercings/rings etc) can’t be removed. Can I still train?
All jewellery should be removed for safety reasons.  If it can’t be removed, it should be taped over (& it’s down to you to supply the tape).

Insurance Cover

  • We require all Kicks Students to buy KMAC Member to Member Insurance Cover which costs £15 and is renewable annually.
  • As Instructors we all have Instructor Indemnity Insurance and KMAC as an association has Public Indemnity Insurance Cover.
  • To train at the main classes within our Kicks Centre, and to train at our other Kicks Clubs (Eastbourne/ London) you do need to become a Kicks Member. This is a one off payment of £15. Currently you do not have to pay this Membership Fee if you are only training in the women’s only courses.

battle of kent 11 023

Trainer Tiffany Williams with Light Continuous Fighter Amelia Shepherd

Contact or Non Contact

  • Our female classes and courses are safe and structured. We aim to both cater for the 90% of our female members who train for fitness; enjoyment; and to learn a martial art, as well the 10% who want to compete.
  • For the first few grades technique work is at a distance.
  • Once you’ve got all your equipment we still expect you to make controlled contact.
  • You can learn the application of attack and defence with us, but never have to put it into practise into the ring.
  • We teach Kickboxing as the sport it is intended to be.  Our training is taught as if you were entering the ring, and the techniques and strategies that would equip you to do this.
  • For the 10% who do want to compete we’ll work with you towards this goal, and be there in your corner. We’ll let you know when you ready, and offer advice and encouragement.
  • We attend regular competitions across the country and there is a team of women from the Brighton and Hove Women’s Classes who compete and train regularly together.
  • Anyone who wants to compete needs to be training a minimum of twice a week, and if you were training for full contact sports a minimum of three times a week with additional cv work been done alongside this.

How long will it take to get my Black Belt?

  • Every Student is a potential Black Belt.
  • This is a goal that can be achieved by all our female students.
  • The minimum time for a Black Belt is three and a half years. However you would need to dedicate a lot of time to achieve it that quickly. Somewhere between 4 – 6 years is more common.


23.02.13: Instructor Tiffany Williams (4th Degree) with Students Emma Barr (2nd Degree), Julie Weeds (1st Degree),
Jane Hawkins(1st Degree) and Amelia Shepherd (1st Degree) after their Black Belt Grading