Women Instructors

Tiffany Williams
(5th Degree)

Natania Lomberg
(3rd Degree)

Donna Torrance
(2nd Degree)

Odile Rapoport
(2nd Degree)

Tiffany Williams is the Senior Female Kicks Instructor and Chair of KMAC.  She has been teaching Women’s Classes and Courses for over 20 years, and several of her students are now Fellow Instructors:

Natania Lomberg has many years teaching experience. She teaches our Girls Kickboxing Circuit Class and is a Cover Instructor for the Women’s Class in Brighton and Hove as well as mixed classes at Kicks itself.

Donna Torrance runs the London Kicks. She has been teaching since 2009, and has a loyal and longstanding club of students.

Odile Rapoport has been teaching since 2011 and is always happy to be called on to cover our circuit and women’s classes.